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You can request transportation to medical appointments, physical therapy, exercise classes, shopping, hair appointments, and more on the Cape. Volunteers use their own cars when providing rides.

Social Visits

You may enjoy a visit from a volunteer. You can ask to be read to, to do puzzles or play cards, or just chat. A social visit can also include a walk or a drive to the beach. Our volunteers and members often get to know each other well and develop strong friendships.

Home Maintenance

Household tasks such as putting in or removing window air conditioners, putting out or taking in deck furniture, hanging pictures, changing lightbulbs and other simple jobs may be difficult for you to do. Fortunately, you can request help, as many of our volunteers are happy to complete tasks that do not involve major work.

Run an Errand

If you would rather not go to a grocery store or pharmacy, you can make a request for a volunteer to shop for you. Provide a list and method of payment for the volunteers and they will then shop for you and deliver your items to you.

Assistance with Electronic Devices

We all know the feeling of frustration when a mobile phone, printer, computer monitor, or television is not working as expected. Fortunately, many of our volunteers are willing to come to the rescue and fix the problem the electronic device presents.


Membership is available to those at least 65 years old living independently in the towns of Brewster, Chatham, Eastham, Harwich, Orleans and Wellfleet. Those living in assisted living facilities or who must always use a wheelchair for mobility are not eligible. There is a $75 annual fee for an individual membership and $95 for a household membership. The fee is not intended to be an obstacle to membership. It will be waived or reduced if it prevents you from joining.

To apply, please call 508-514-7067. After you apply we will contact you to arrange for an interview to be sure we’re right for you.
To renew your membership, please send a check to:
Nauset Neighbors Membership
PO Box 1716
Orleans, MA 02653

A non-profit, all volunteer organization