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Board of Directors Holds Second Annual Meeting

 | Published on 5/17/2011
The Nauset Neighbors Board of Directors held its second annual meeting on May 17, 2011 and elected a new slate of officers and Board  of Directors.  Esther Elkin was reelected as President, Mark Adorney was elected as VP Outreach, Dick Elkin was elected as VP Member Services and Bill MacLachlan was elected as VP Administration.  Bruce Bohlen will be the new Treasurer.

Esther and Dick Elkin were reelected for two year terms as members of the Board of Directors.  Pat Zeiss, Mary Lee Mantz, and Mary Cullity were elected for two year terms. Bruce Bohlen, and Janet Loewenstein were elected to fill out the remainder of  one year terms.

Nauset Neighbors has just completed its third full month of operation. Nauset Neighbors now has 55 members. For a more complete overview of how we are doing, view the  Week 13 (5-13-2011) Member Services Report.