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Read the Shift Notes

To use the  Shift Notes online select them  from the main menu ( Main Menu >> CM Workflow >>Shift Notes).   These notes are private and can only be read by members of the "call manager committee" which consists of all the call managers and a few members of the board.
At the start of your shift you should review the notes from the previous few shifts, looking for items that remain open.

Each day or weekend is a new "thread".To read the notes, find the correct day, select it and scroll down.

When creating the thread for the day have the day of week, date and names of morning and afternoon call managers in the title.  All posts for a given work day or weekend go in a single thread.

Each item is a new "post", created by replying to another post of the thread.

When entering subsequent posts, the first line should consist of member in question, the volunteer in question, or something relevant to what you are writing about.  Be sure to include the full name of the volunteer, and member in the text, where relevant, and take care to correctly spell their last names so that the posts can be searched.  Please use full names at least once in the post.  

Notes may be viewed as first on top or last on top.  You can toggle back and forth if you wish by clicking on "last Note". 

The remaining steps should not be necessary if the proper procedure was followed when adding you as a call manager.

You want to use the advanced text editor, which lets you format your entries.  You can change the default view from your profile forum preferences and whether you get the advanced text editor (shown in the "Post Message" screen).  Set your preferences to the advanced text editor.

You can also change your picture 

Please check the time that all the entries appear.  By default, they will show up in Central Time, where the servers are.  To fix this, go to your profile (on the top of the page next to logout).  Find the Forum's box at the very bottom on the left, and click on Forum General Preferences.
At the bottom of the page, just above your picture, set the Local Time Offset to 1 and save.

You should now see everything in Eastern Time.