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Call Manager Overview

  1. Make the Nauset Neighbors phone number ring in your house following "Set up Google Voice". 

  3. Read the Shift Notes from the previous shift.  Start a new set of notes for the day of your shift if one has not been started already.

  5. Review Voice Mail Messages from either members or volunteers to see who has called since the last shift. 

  7. Read email sent to Call Managers

  9. View the Member Services Screen to determine the requested and pending service requests that will need priority action.  

  11. View the Open Provider Requests screen to see which calls have already been made. 


  12. For a detailed procedure describing what to do for a variety of calls, voice mails or emails, see Answering a Call.


  13. Most calls will be for a service request from members. You need to do two things:  1)  Add the Service Requests to the calendar.  2) Enter all the information in the shift notes.  Your shift notes entry should contain the listing of the service from the Volunteer Self-Signup screen so that the details are known.


  14. Find a Volunteer for the member's request, if you have enough time left during your shift.


  15. Periodically check the Nauset Neighbors Gmail account and the Voice Mail Inbox  to make sure no one has signed up for a service.  If they have, update those requests.  


  16. Check the services calendar for "pending" requests and notify the members that they have a ride as described in Confirming Pending Service Requests.


  17. Check for Requests Needing Volunteers. (Status is Requested)


  18. Call Manager Shift End  


Call Status   Meaning
 Requested  The member has called us and asked for a service.  No volunteer has been provided yet.
 Pending  A volunteer has agreed to perform the service.
 Confirmed  The member has been told who has agreed to the service.
 Completed  The call manager has called the member to get the member's opinion of the service, or the time for the service has passed and the service is assumed to be completed.