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Set Up Google Voice

1.  Bring up the Google Voice page. From the top menu >> CM Workflow>> Phone Selection. If you are lucky, or if you have done this before and the system remembers your log in id, you will see the NN logo at the top right of the window.
2.   If you get a sign in form, sign in with this password and be sure to check "Stay signed in".  
3.  If you are a Gmail user and find that you are logged in as yourself, instead of as Nauset neighbors you will need to switch accounts.  
For help with signing in to more than one Google Account, read this.  

4.  If you get a form that is trying to get you to have a Google phone number, ignore the pop up window. On the top right of the original window, click on your name or select the down arrow next to your picture to switch users to


5.   If
is not one of the options, chose the option "Sign in to another account..." and when the sign in form appears, sign in with this password.


6.  At this point you should close all browser windows with any Google page on it and go back to the Nauset Neighbors window and from the top menu >> CM Workflow>> Phone Selection.

 7.  If the voicemail input page (the list of voice mails) appears instead of the phone selection,  select the gear icon and the "Settings".   

8.  If none of this happened, and you went right to the Google Voice page, then enter your phone number as shown below. 

 Choose the entry at the top of the list and click on delete.

Click on “add another phone” at the bottom of the page.  If you are using a MOBILE PHONE select check carrier. 

 Click on "Show advanced Settings"..

Set the Ring Schedule by selecting
“Use custom schedule” for weekdays. 

Note that this screen tells the system when NOT to ring.
For a morning shift set this to 
from 12:00PM to 9:00AM.  
For an afternoon shift set it to from 4:00PM to 1:00PM

Follow the convention of using AM/PM, then the day, and then your name in the name field. (See examples on right.)

A window will pop up with a two digit number.  Select "connect" and the system will call your phone.

Answer the phone and enter the two digit number with the phone keypad. Then hang up.

The popup window will close.

Check the box next to your name.  If you are on an AM shift, uncheck any other AM boxes.  On a PM shift, uncheck any other PM boxes.  Uncheck all boxes that are neither AM nor PM.