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Check for Requests Needing Volunteers

Most service requests are filled by volunteers signing up online.  We primarily actively seek volunteers for only for medical appointments when it is less than four working days until the service is needed, there is reason to believe that the service will be unusually hard to fill, or the member has requested a specific volunteer and we think this is a reasonable request.
Before you do this, be sure to check the Nauset Neighbors Gmail account, and the Voice Mail Inbox  to make sure no one has just signed up for a service.  If they have, update those requests before you begin this procedure.  

1.   If it is not already up, bring up the Service and Service Requests  screen which shows all service requests.  A service request which has not yet been accepted by a volunteer should have a status of "Requested" and have no volunteer's name listed in the calendar.  

2.   In general, we only consider services occurring in the next four working days.  Make sure that all the services that are listed have no volunteer assigned.  If one is, this is a clerical error and the SR status may be wrong.   Our current practice is only to place calls for rides to medical appointments.  We do not (usually) call volunteers for other types of services, but use your judgement.  

3.   View the unassigned requests for service by doing the following:

a. In the search box, under Status select "Requested" .
Set the time period (usually the next four working days).

c. If you are only filling rides for medical appointments, select the service category of Transportation - Volunteer.

d. Select Search

4.   View the request you want to schedule by  clicking the edit icon (pencil) next to the request.
5.  Follow the instructions in Find a Volunteer.