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Read Email for Call Manager

1.   If you have not already done so, open Gmail  (Main menu >> CM Workflow >> Gmail).  Since you have already set up the phones, this assumes you are already logged into Google (Google Voice) as Nauset Neighbors.  CM workflow menu
2  Read the messages that have arrived recently, to see if any action is needed.  

After you have acted on the email:

  1. Check the box on the left
  2. Select Move to (folder icon)
  3. Select Processed to move the email from the inbox to the processed folder..  That way, other call managers will know that a message has been handled.
 Every Google Voice message results in an email sent to this mailbox.  That makes this mailbox a good place to watch to see if there are any actions to be taken.  Quickly get rid of them by moving them to "Processed".