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Add Service Requests

There are two parts to adding a service request.
Open the Add/Edit Service Request  form by selecting "Services Calendar" from the "CM Workflow" tab on the main menu and then "Add Service Request" from the Member Services Screen
  1. Select the member who made the request, from the list of all members.  Usually only the first two or three characters of the members name need be entered to give a short list from which to select.  If a red icon appears after the member is selected, click on it to review important information about the member.

  2. Requested Date: Enter the date of the service. If the member does not have a fixed date, then the service is almost always at the member's home. Note this in the Destination Field as "Date and Time Flexible".  For flexible dates, enter a date one week from now.   You must also enter a start and stop time.  

  3. Short Description:  Enter a brief description of the service.  The text is shown in the online signup.  Do not include information that is also in the destination field.  If the ride is to an appointment, enter the time of the appointment.  Often that is all you need to enter.

  4. Service category:  See List of Categories and Services.  For example, 

    Transportation - Volunteer

  5. Select the service from the short list.

  6. Check yes if date and time are flexible.  Also note this in the Destination Field (#8).

  7. Starting location is filled in initially as the town of the member's home.  Change if necessary.

  8. Destination.  Standard destinations can be selected and will contain the name, address and phone number of the destination.  Other destinations, such as "local shopping in Orleans" can be entered.

  9. Service Provider:  At this point, the service provider is usually not known yet.  Only add something if the provider is known.

  10. The special instructions are filled in initially from the member's profile.  Review them, and determine if editing is needed.

  11. Status is preset to requested.  Change to confirmed if this service is pre-arranged.

  • Multipart Requests:

    • If this a two-part request (e.g., separate drop off and pick up), create two service requests and note this in the "Instructions/Comments" field for each request.  You can use the "copy" function after you have saved the first request to quickly generate the second part.

    • Enter each part of the request separately in the online signup sheet.

  • If the member is trying to give you multiple requests at different times or days of the week then:
    1. Enter and save the request for the first service as described above.

    2. Reopen the original request and select Copy Service Request.

    3. Enter only the dates and times for subsequent Service Requests.  You fill in the first subsequent service's date and time, then select Add Request to get another line.

    4. Save the copies

    5. Open each subsequent request and enter the unique information such as destination and save each.
    Be sure make a note in the shift notes about this request. See Entering a Shift Note