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Answering A Call or responding to an email or voice mail

While on the phone:

  1. When the call is received, the caller’s name might be announced by Google Voice. Also,they might have caller ID.  Try to catch this, so you can greet them by name.  You have the option to talk to the caller or to send the call to voice mail.  
  2. To accept the call, press 1 on your phone.  
  3. Announce that this is Nauset Neighbors, and give your name.  If you didn't get the caller's name when it was announced, ask for their name.
  4. Greet the caller by name and ask how you can help.  
  5. Encourage members to request rides for medical services as soon as they become aware of the need. Rides for appointments can be booked as far in advance as necessary.  They appear on the online signup sheet immediately.  We will not send emails or make phone calls for unfilled requests until a week or so before the ride is needed.

When acting on a Voice Mail:

If the completing voice mail request requires you to call the member back, do so.  

After you are done acting on the voice mail, add a note indicating it is taken care of.  

Click on "More", and then on "Add note".  

Don't bother with a full explanation, save that for the shift notes.  The purpose is to tell the next call manager that the voice mail has been addressed.

The note should just let others know this message has been addresses.  Follow up actions need to be described in the shift notes.

When acting on an email:

After you are done acting on the email, move it to the Processed folder.  Follow up actions need to be described in the shift notes.


Individual Procedures:

Each of the actions taken below should be briefly described in the shift notes.  The first line of the shift note should contain the name of the member, or if more relevant the name of the volunteer.  The note should contain both the name of the member and volunteer where applicable.  This enables a search to find the note.  See Entering a Shift Note.
  1. For a service request see Add Service Requests
  2. For a Volunteer accepting a Service Request:
  3. Recording Vacation Information  Volunteers will call or email the office with their schedule, or tell us while on the phone about a service request.  They can also enter their own vacation or weekly schedule changes as explained in the Volunteer Handbook under Telling us your Schedule from the VSS.
  4. Potential volunteers:  go to Add Potential Volunteer
  5. Potential members: go to Add Potential Member.
  6. Potential vendors: go to Add Potential Vendor.
  7. Volunteer reporting Contact Made with Member
  8. Volunteer reporting Service Completed.  
  9. Member Changing or Canceling a Service Request.
  10. A Member calling to Renew or ask about their membership status.
  11. Other calls:  Try to deal with them as best you can, or make a note and refer the matter to the appropriate committee.  
Annotate a Google Voice message received:
  1. Go to the voice mail In-Box  (Main Menu >> CM Workflow >> VoiceMail In-Box)
  2. Select "Inbox" on the left panel (see figure on right).
  3. Add the caller's name if it is not already there).
  4. Add a terse note summarizing your actions.  Put the full explanation in the shift notes.