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Confirming Pending Service Requests

A pending service request is one for which you have a volunteer, but the member has not been informed.  You can find all pending service requests from the services calendar by selecting only the status of Pending and clearing all dates.  Then select search.
Select Pending Requests
If a pending request is listed, open it up.  Check if the Special instructions say that an email is sufficient for confirmation.  If it does, just change the status to "Confirmed".  Otherwise, call the member to let them know that they have a volunteer for their service.

It is best to check the member's history while they are on the phone.  You can use this to review future service requests with them and let them know of the status of those requests.  Often volunteers sign up for multiple services for a member and you can give the member all the information with a single call.

A confirmation email should have been sent when the volunteer was selected.  This happens automatically if the volunteer signs up online and manually if the volunteer is contacted by phone or email.  In the latter case, double check to see that a confirmation email was sent.