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What Volunteers Do

How You Can Help

Service Requests

To fulfill our mission of helping seniors to remain in their homes we need volunteers to provide the services that they need.


  • Transportation: The majority of our requests are for transportation, both local and Cape-wide to medical appointments, errands, grocery shopping, hair appointments, exercise classes, or a visit to the library.
  • Handyman and Household Tasks: Many of our volunteers provide handyman and household services, doing things for our members that they can no longer do for themselves. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Installing and removing air conditioners
    • Changing light bulbs that are out of reach
    • Hanging pictures
    • Lifting boxes
    • Moving clothing according to the season
    • Providing help with reading mail
    • Light gardening
  • Technological Assistance:  Volunteers who are “tech-savvy” troubleshoot problems with printers, computers and/or tablets and teach members how to use television remotes, phones, and other electronic gadgets.
  • Friendly Visits and Respite: Some members request social visits. They would love to have someone to chat with or someone to read to them. Some members need a volunteer to stay with a loved one for an hour or two to provide them much-needed respite.


Signing Up to Volunteer

You will be able to peruse our Volunteer Self Sign-Up online at your convenience and choose a service that appeals to you and fits into your schedule. When you commit to a service, it is removed from the list and you will receive an email confirming that you have chosen the service and providing details including the member’s name, address, and phone number.



As a Nauset Neighbors volunteer, your schedule is in your hands and you may volunteer as frequently as you wish. Our Volunteer Self Sign-Up enables you to peruse the outstanding requests and choose the ones that fit best with your schedule. There is no expectation that you will volunteer at a certain time each week or that you will provide a fixed number of services each year. Many of our volunteers do a service once or twice a month, some volunteer weekly, others do more than once a week. Your time is your own and we appreciate whatever you can do to support our members.


Call Managers

Because we are an all-volunteer organization, we do not have an office staff. When our members call to place a request during our business hours, they reach a volunteer who has been trained on the use of our software/website and Google-based phone and email. These volunteers sign up for a three-hour shift, at least twice a month.