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Services Assessment Committee

Our aim is to help members stay in their homes as long as possible, because those who are most vulnerable are those who need us most. However, we must consider their needs without putting our volunteers in situations that will dissuade them from continuing to serve other members. There are by now some number of volunteers out there who have been in such a situation, and have handled it with compassion and generosity.

We have a Services Assessment Committee that addresses the situation of “special members” on a case by case basis. 

When volunteers express concern about a member’s safety or about an inappropriate behavior, the committee evaluates the situation, two committee members re-interview the member, and recommendations are ultimately made that specifically address the needs of the member.

In some cases we work with professionals from Elder Services and the Council on Aging to arrange for professional evaluations by those agencies.  This can result in a services plan for the member that includes enhanced support from Nauset Neighbors.  Our membership agreement includes permission for those agencies to coordinate with us about a member's needs.

We now have a “special members” list, people to whom our call managers will devote extra attention in finding a volunteer for them. As we hear from volunteers, we will add to the list.

Although many of us used to be health care and social service professionals, that is not our function in Nauset Neighbors. We are good neighbors with a plethora of life experiences and a desire to form a caring community, our only qualifications now.