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Telling Us Your Schedule

Our software uses information about your schedule when creating lists of volunteers to contact about services.  We want to call or email you only when you are likely to be available. You can tell us about your weekly commitments, and or periods of time when you are not available. You can always use the online signup regardless of what you tell us about your schedule. 

We explain below how to enter the information yourself from the VSS screen.  If you prefer, call the office (508) 514-7067 or email us at and we will enter the information for you.

If you tell us about your schedule, the office can avoid calling you or sending emails about services requests while you are away or otherwise not available.  We don't highlight that you are away.  Rather, your name just does not show up on the list of volunteers to call or email about the service.

There are two separate ways you can describe your schedule.  For stretches of time when you are Not Available, select the Not Available button.  If you have a regular weekly schedule, select the "Available" button to describe your weekly commitments.  You can use both options if your schedule warrants. 

You are able to enter your plans from the VSS screen.  Select the "Not Available" button to indicate your vacation schedule, family commitments, medical issues or any other dates you are not available. Alternately, just call the office (508) 514-7067 or send us an email and we will enter the information for you. 

1. Not Available

After clicking on the "Not Available" button on the VSS screen, shown on the left, you will see the "Dates Not Available" screen shown on the right.  

The screen lets you tell us extended periods of time when you are not available

There are two ways to indicate the dates you are not available using this screen.  You may enter a Start Date, an End Date and click on the Not Available button at the top of the screen.

Alternately, you can click on individual dates on the calendar.  When you are done entering dates click on Return to Previous Page.  There is no need to "Save".

2. Weekly Schedule.

We can keep track of your ongoing weekly commitments. If there are days when you regularly work, volunteer for some other organization, attend a class, or are otherwise committed, we will not contact you about service requests falling in that time period. Let us know about your schedule.

This screen is complex and it  might be easier to just call the office and give us the information.

Select the "Availability" Button on the VSS to tell us about your weekly schedule and indicate the days of the week or times of the day you are available.  Each column represents a day of the week. Each row represents a general time slot:

Time Slots Morning - 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Lunchtime - 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Afternoon - 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Evening - 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Night - 8:00 PM to Midnight
In general, Nauset Neighbors does not accept service requests from members for Evenings, Nights, or Weekends.  So don't be concerned about indicating you are not available on a night or a weekend.

For each day (column), time slot (row) or intersection of a day and time slot there are four options:

1.  Most likely available
2.  Backup – might be available
3.  Call me if really desperate
4.  Not available

 Please use only "Most Likely Available" or "Not Available".  We treat "might be available" and "if really desperate" as "Not Available".

If you encounter any difficulties or are confused, please call the office (508) 514-7067.

If you use this option, please remember to update the information when your schedule changes.

3. Contacting You: We have three ways to contact you about services needed. 

  • Online signup offers you the greatest flexibility and widest choice. It is our favorite, too, because it is the most efficient for our office staff. You can sign up online to help with a service request as far in advance as you like, but we really appreciate it if you look at the services needed in the next few days.   We send you a weekly email reminding you to check the list.  The schedule information you entered above does not affect your ability to sign up for a service online.
  • Phone calls/email messages are used when the time of a request is near and no one has signed up for it online. If you only want to be called (or emailed) instead of, or in addition to using the online signup please let us know and we will make a note of your preference.  Your entries in the Vacation Schedule and Weekly Calendar only affect whether we will call you or email you for a hard to fill service at a specific time.  You can always use the online signup since you know your current schedule.
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