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How Do I Sign Up for Services

Nauset Neighbors has three ways for you to sign up for services: Online signup, responding to an email or responding to a phone call for a specific service.  Online signup is the best method, because you have the greatest choice.

Online Signup.

We send every volunteer a link to this website every week. Bookmarking this site makes it easier to bring up.  
If you are a volunteer, but not also a member, you  log in as follows.  Members, who are also volunteers, should see the end of this note.
  1. You can use the following link to login or request a user name and password:
  2.  You will also find this same screen under Volunteer Self-Signup on the main menu.
 When you visit this screen for the first time, the Volunteer Login screen is displayed prompting for the non-member’s username and password. 
The first time you visit this screen you won't have a user name or password, so click on the link below the Login and Cancel buttons circled in yellow on the right that says “Forgot My Username or Don't have One” and you will be asked for your email address and first name.  Fill this out and select OK.
After you hit the OK button, you will receive an email with a temporary user name and password.  Check your email inbox in a minute or so.
Enter this temporary username and password into the Volunteer Login screen and select the Login button.   A screen will appear allowing you to change your username and password to something that is easier for you to remember.  Write down or otherwise remember your password.
If you are having trouble call the office at 508 514 7067.
Once you login, you will see the Volunteer Self-Signup screen.
If you are not sharing the computer with your spouse who is also a volunteer or logging in at a public place, such as a library, you can tell the system to remember your password.  Then you won't need to log in again.  

The Volunteer Self-Signup screen opens with the Open Requests tab showing those service requests waiting to be filled. For each service request, you can see the requested date and time, the approximate duration, the member making the request, the general service requested, and the starting location and destination. The starting location will normally show the member’s town.
You can click the Request Description icon  in the last column to see the request’s Short Description in a small popup.  To see more details about the request and potentially to sign up to handle this request, you can click the View/Select icon to see a popup dialog similar to the following:
Review the list and find a service that matches your schedule and your interests. All that you need to do after that is enter your name in the first column, next to the service you want to provide. The area with hash marks is protected to avoid inadvertently changing some of the information.
If you have any difficulty entering your name, just call the office and tell the call manager. Leave a message if it is after hours.
We typically have one hundred fifty to two hundred fifty requests, ranging from the next few days to six months from now. Some volunteers like to plan their services well in advance. Others like to wait for the last minute and choose something in the next few days. 

The system will send you a confirmation email when you click "Confirm" and "OK". The email contains all the details of the service including the member’s full name, address, phone number, directions to their house and any special instructions.

If you wish to sign up for this service, click the Confirm button and then OK in the next popup window.   If you do not wish to sign up click the Cancel button on either screen.  
You can list only handyman services, only requests from your town, or requests for a specific member.   On the right of the main screen, click the Search icon (the magnifying glass) to search within the list. The following popup window will appear: 

You can search by date range, day of the week, requesting member, starting location (usually the town of the member) and the service requested. Searches with multiple criteria are allowed (all specified conditions must be matched for a request to be displayed.)

Past Requests

The Past Requests tab at the top of the list shows you every service request you have done previously.

For mileage reimbursement from Nauset Neighbors you still need to email your information to

Committed (Your Future) Requests

The Committed Requests tab shows you all the upcoming service requests for which you have signed up. (This third tab is especially useful for you to check possible conflicts.) You can click the View icon to view the details of all your upcoming requests and resend the confirmation email with all the details of the service.

For Volunteers who are also members

First, you need to login as a member.  Use the login link at the top right of the home page.
Follow the on screen directions.  You can request a new temporary password if you like.  Be sure to ask that the password be remembered on your computer, if you are not at a public computer.

After logging in as a member, you can get to the Volunteer Self-signup screen,
• From the main menu,

• By clicking on the link in the weekly email, 
• From your member Profile screen where you will see an additional option:

Logging Out

When you have finished reviewing requests, you can click the Volunteer Logout button at the bottom of the screen. 

Members who

Email Requests

If a service is needed within the next four days and has not been filled online, we will email a few volunteers requesting your help. The people we contact are those who have volunteered for this specific service. Here is a sample of the email that you might receive.

Dear Dick,

Thank you for being a Nauset Neighbors Volunteer.

We are currently seeking someone to help with a request for Transportation - Hyannis, etc. on 2/5/2013 9:15 AM for Anita Smith.

Short Description: 10 AM Dr appt at 460 West Main St in Hyannis.

Requesting Member: Anita Smith

30 Columbus Circle

Orleans, MA 02653


If you can help with this request, please let us know. You can either reply to this email or calling our office at (508) 514-7067 .

Thank you again for all you do for our members.

Nauset Neighbors

Service: Transportation - Hyannis, etc

Date/Time: 2/5/2013 9:15 AM

Short Description: 10 AM Dr appt at 460 West main St in Hyannis.

When volunteering in the future, it is not necessary to wait for us to contact you. You can always sign up online for a service that fits your schedule and preferences. If you need help getting to the online listing, please call our office at (508) 514-7067.

Phone Requests

If a service is needed within the next two days and has not been filled online or by email, we will call a few volunteers requesting your help. The people we contact are those who have volunteered for this specific service.

We will leave a voice mail message for you if we do not reach you. We appreciate if you return the phone call promptly, even if you can’t help out. This lets us assess how many more phone calls we have to make.