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Another Volunteer's Story

When I became a Nauset Neighbors volunteer, I opted to sign up as a call manager.

This role, as most of you know, involves committing to one half day a week to receive phone requests for service from members and calling potential service providers to fulfill these requests. The requests are almost always made with hesitancy as if the member feels they are asking too much. We also make follow-up calls after the service has been completed to make sure it went OK. It is truly amazing how many of the members say things like, “I feel like I have made a new friend!” or “We had such a good time and I cannot thank you enough!”

A few members have regular, sometimes 3-4 times a week, requests and we have been able to meet these. They might be of short term duration, such as for periods of medical treatment, or one member who has 4 times a week service as long as he is physically able to participate.

Our reputation is spreading and I have answered requests for membership from Yarmouth to Dennis, but unless we have dramatic increases in volunteers such expansion will not be possible. It is very important that anyone reading this who is not a volunteer, or who knows of someone who might be willing to volunteer, to contact us to get more information. As we all know, the population on Cape Cod of wonderful friendly people who are in need of services is great, and we continually get calls from people, their children or friends asking for membership.

One final thought. Like many call managers, I often fulfill member requests myself.  I must say that each and every time I have done this, I have felt wonderful as a result of the thanks I have received from the member. They have all been very satisfying experiences, so that my one regret about being a call manager is not having as much of a chance of having direct contact with the members. I was able to enable a man who can no longer drive get a takeout lunch from Wendy’s, something he had always enjoyed doing. Another woman switching doctors needed help filling out the new patient forms. Every volunteer has their own wonderful stories. When we were doing our initial survey of needs, there were some who I interviewed that questioned whether our proposed services were needed. We now have bountiful data that says they are.