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A Volunteer's Story

Reading an article in one of the local papers about Nauset Neighbors got me to thinking that getting involved with this organization would be a great opportunity to help others.  Nauset Neighbor’s mission to help seniors remain independent seemed to be just the type of volunteer work that I was looking for.  And while I had spent my career in high tech software sales, I always enjoyed using my hands to build and repair things around the house.

Nauset Neighbors lets me use both my computer and home repair skills for the benefit of others.  We all have skills that we have acquired over a lifetime of experience.  Most of us take for granted how easily we can perform certain task because they are simply part of us.  But for a senior who doesn’t know how the storm door glass is changed or how to download a printer driver, finding someone to tend to these tasks can be difficult.

These small jobs that we perform fill an important void within the senior community.  Where does some one go to get a contractor to install an air conditioner in a window or pull the patio furniture out of storage?  And even if they did find a contractor to do the work, how cost effective would it be?

Working with the members of Nauset Neighbors has been extremely satisfying for me.  Our work truly contributes to the mission of helping senior remain independent in their homes.  The members are very grateful for the work that we do and I am personally grateful for the opportunity to give back and help others.